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Typewriter Mode

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Writing Mode

Visual Studio Code, already has a great distraction free mode called Zen Mode.

But, sometimes, you might prefer differnet font-size or a completely different theme when writing.

Also, you might want to toggle multiple settings all at once, like TypeWriterMode or FocusMode.

This is possible with Writing Mode.

There are two keybindings

  • Ctrl+F11 that will switch both Writing Mode and Zen Mode. It is just like pressing Shift+F11 followed by Ctrl+K Z



  • Shift+F11 that will switch only Writing Mode On or Off


Writing Mode: Font Size
  • Key: fictionWriter.writingMode.fontSize
  • Default: 20

Font size can be set either by opening Settings view, or by using the Select Writing Mode Font Size Command

Writing Mode: Theme
  • Key: fictionWriter.writingMode.theme
  • Default: empty

The writing theme can also be set from settings, but is much easier to select it using the Select Writing Mode Theme Command, as it will display a drowpdown with all installed themes to choose from.

Writing Mode: Toggle Focus Mode
  • Key: fictionWriter.writingMode.toggleFocusMode
  • Default: enabled

You also have the option to switch to Focus Mode when entering writing mode, by setting Toggle Focus Mode

Fold Paragraph lines



Separate lines from same paragraph can be folded/unfolded. This is specailly useful when OneSentencePerLine writing technique is used.

Folding 01

Folding works for dialogue indents as well, if writing dialgoues with dialogue markers (like em-dash) is used:

Syntax Highlighting


mfictionWriter.view.highlightDialogueMarkers fictionWriter.view.highlightDialogue

Word Wrap Indent

documentation coming soon...

Status Bar


This extension comes with a status bar, enabled by default.