This extension has the following settings:

Setting (prefixed by fictionWriter.) Default Description
edit.disableKeybindings false Disable editor keybindings added by this extension (enter, shift+enter, delete, backspace, tab). Note: If disabled, some of the settings will not work. Open Online Documentation
edit.easyParagraphCreation Shift+Enter A new paragraph (two line breaks) will be created when pressing:
editDialogue.marker -- Controls what punctuation is used when dialogue.
editDialogue.markerAutoReplace true If anything other than quotes is selected, it automatically replaces the -- text at the begining of a new line, with the selected marker.
editDialogue.sentenceIndent 3 Indent for sequential lines of the same dialogue paragraph. (0 for no indenting)
editDialogue.sentenceIndentAutoDetect true Sets the line indent from the same dialogue paragraph equal with the selected #editDialogue.marker#.
export.include.enabled true If enabled, the {DOCUMENT_ID} or {document/file/path/} syntax can be used to include on .md file into another file
export.include.searchDocumentIdsInAllOpenFilesAndWorkspaces false When including files, search {DOCUMENT_ID} in all opened files and workspace folders. If disabled, it only searches in the workspace folder that the document belongs to.
export.include.showsErrorInOutputFile true Shows errors in compiled document.
export.outputFormat.alwaysShowFormatPicker false Select the output format each time an export command is run. If set to false, the selected #export.outputFormat.default# will be used.
export.outputFormat.default odt The output document format. Important: This requires having Pandoc installed on your system, and available to be run from commandline.
export.outputTemplate.enabled false If enabled, the template file selected at #export.outputTemplate.file# will be used when exporting to docx or odt formats.
export.outputTemplate.file The output template to be used when exporting to docx or odt. Note: the template file extension must match the output type. It can be an absolut path, or relative to exported document.
export.showSaveDialogue Always Control when the Save File Dialogue is shown.
export.skipCodeComments true When parsing .md files, skips lines starting with //.
export.smartDeshes true Converts -- to em-dash (—) character in exported output. If not selected, it will default to en-dash (–). Is PanDoc +old_dashes markdown extension.
export.tocFilename The filename compiled by Compile TOC command..
metadata.categories.default tags Assigning keywords to this category, if none is specified. For example, if default category is tags, then the metadata block: --- draft, ch1 --- is equivalent to: --- tags:draft, ch1 ---
metadata.categories.icons [object Object] Assign for each metadata category (Item) a vscode icon (Value) Note: You can use any icon from Product Icon Reference.
metadata.categories.showIcons true Show icons in Metadata view.
metadata.categories.showNames true If disabled, it hides category name in Metadata View for 1st level categories only.
metadata.categories.summaryEnabled true If enabled, it will show the contents of the summary 1st level category in the message section of the Metadata View, and not in the tree itself. To use it, simply define a metadata block: --- summary: The document summary ---
metadata.easyLists , Metadata values separated by this string, will be treated as list items. Enter the list item separator character below (or leave it empty to disable this feature): Example: item1, item2, item three will be equivalent to [item1, item2, item three] if the separator is comma (,).
metadata.enabled true It enables metadata reltated features. If disabled then all metadata related featueres will be disabled (parsing, metadata view, colors, etc...). Open Online Documentation
metadata.keywords.badges [object Object]
metadata.keywords.badgesCategory Uses only this category when resolving Explorer badges. (leave empty to do a full metadata search) Note: the first matched keyword in this category will dictate the badge.
metadata.keywords.badgesInFileExplorer true Show Keyword Badges in Explorer view. Note: Only the first matched keyword will be considered.
metadata.keywords.colors [object Object] Defines a keyword (Item) and associate a color (Value) to it. The colors can be visible in Metadata view or Explorer view.
metadata.keywords.colorsCategory Uses only this category when resolving Explorer colors. (leave empty to do a full metadata search) Note: the first matched keyword in this category will dictate the color.
metadata.keywords.colorsInFileExplorer true Use Keyword Colors in Explorer view. Note: Only the first matched keyword will be considered Note: file colors can be ovewritten by other extensions, so they might not show as expected. Also: #explorer.decorations.colors# must be enabled.
metadata.keywords.colorsInMetadataView true Use Keyword Colors as icon colors in Metadata view. Note: if no icon is set/visible, then the color will not be visible.
notes.defaultText Your Notes Here The default text for all new note files. Add each line as a new item.
notes.enabled true Enables the notes view, that recognizes (and groups) .txt files together with .md and metadata files. Open Online Documentation
smartRename.enabled true If enabled, allows ordering of files based on number prefix.
smartRename.renameRelatedFiles Ask Every Time If enabled, renames/moves related (.yml and .md) files together.
textFormatting.enabled true This is feature is EXPERIMENTAL. Make sure make a backup before trying it out. If enabled, it formats document using the selected formatters. Formatting is available with Format Document command.. [Open Online Documentation](
textFormatting.fixDialogueIndents true If #editDialogue.marker# is not quotes, and #editDialogue.sentenceIndent# is enabled, reformats dialogue indents to selected dialogue indent.
textFormatting.fixMismatchDialogueMarkers true If #editDialogue.marker# is not quotes, replaces mismatched markers with current selected marker.
textFormatting.fixParagraphBreaks none Controls how paragraph breaks and soft line breaks will be formatted.
textFormatting.fixParagraphSpacing true Normalizes space between different paragraph types (header, body, dialogue, ...).
textFormatting.removeExtraLines true Reduces multiple empty lines (more than two), to a single empty line.
textFormatting.removeExtraSpaces true Replaces multiple consecutive spaces with one single space. (not from begining or ending of line)
textFormatting.removeTrailingSpaces true Remove all whitespace characters from line ends.
view.fadeMetadata true Fade markdown metadata section by 50%.
view.foldParagraphLines true Show folding marker for paragraphs with multiple lines. (soft-breaks)
view.highlight.dialogueMarkers true Highlights the dialogue markers (---, --, — or quote marks symbols).
view.highlight.textBetweenQuotes false Highlights all text between quotes. Usefull for highlighting dialogues (if quoted syntax is used)
statusBar.enabled true Show the custom Fiction Writer status bar.
statusBar.items {} Enable/disable items from Fiction Writer status Bar.
view.wordWrapIndent 0 The hanging indent of wrapped lines. Select: - 0 for same indent as first line, - -1 for now wrapping indent, - any other value for hanging indent. Warning: Only works if #editor.wordWrap# is enabled, and might change the #editor.tabSize# setting for markdown.
view.focusMode.opacity 0.5 Opacity for fade out text when focus mode is enabled
writingMode.fontSize 16 The font size to be used in Writing Mode Mode.
writingMode.theme The theme to be used in Writing Mode. (leave empty for no theme switch)
writingMode.toggleFocusMode true When entering Writing Mode, it fades out all text except current text line (known as Focus Mode)
splitDocument.switchToNewlyCreatedDocument true When splitting a document, immediately open (and switch to) the newly created doument in the text editor.