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Fiction Writer helps you work with large files by splitting then in single ones


There are several options for splitting files

  • Split Document Here (at line): will take everything from current line, to the end of the file and will move to another file
  • Split Document Here (at cursor): will take everithing from the cursor position, to the end of the file and will move it to another file
  • Move Selected Text to New Document: will extract the selected text to a new file


  • When splitting, files will be named as follows:
  • if there is no selected text, then the current document name will be taken, and an ending number will be added:
  • Example:

    Becomes: and
    If you continue splitting, the new files will be,, and so on...

  • if you select a part of the text, that text will be the name of the new file:

  • Example:
    Selection: you select Chapter 1 text, and split
    Becomes: and (as the name is taken from the selection)

Split Document: Switch To Newly Created Document`

  • Key: fictionWriter.splitDocument.switchToNewlyCreatedDocument
  • After splitting a file, immediatly open the new file in the editor, and switch to it.
  • Default value: enabled

Key Bindings

  • Alt+K K: Shows the split document dialogue
  • Alt+K L: Split document at line
  • Alt+K X: Move selected text to new document