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A set of tools for writing fiction with Visual Studio Code.

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This extension enters the beta stage. Version 1.0 will be relase soon. Please save all your configuration as it will contain breaking changes.

Main Features

Browse each category below, to find out more about this extension capabilites.

Enhanced Editing Text Formatting Exporting/Combining
  • automatically insert new paragraph on enter, or shift+enter
  • solutions for writing dialogue using dialogue markers (like in some non-english languages), using either em-dash (—) or other marks.
  • autoreplace -- with
  • clean up extra spaces
  • clean up extra lines
  • fix dialogue markers, indents
  • fix paragraph spacing
  • fix line spacing
  • combine multiple .md files into one single file
  • export .md to other formats (like .doc or .docx) (uses Pandoc)
  • Split files in multiple fales
Using Metadata Document Statistics Other
  • use markdown yaml metadata blocks to categorize documents
  • parse metadata into a tree view
  • add badges and colors in Explorer
  • count words, phrases, pages
  • view document word/phrase repetitions
  • fold paragraph lines
  • writing mode (different theme, different font size)
  • text highlighting
  • typewriter mode
  • custom toolbar



Please log any issues, suggestions, bugs, questions under GitHub Issues